Hello (again) world.

This is not my first blog. It’s not my second, and maybe not even my third. Everytime I start one of these they meet the same ignobel end - good intentions, brief interest, and a quick decline. But that nagging itch has returned. Maybe I do have things to say. Maybe I do need a place to collect my thoughts, a place to be more public and accountable about my projects. Which is why you and I find ourselves here right now.

I’m self aware enough to know some of the pitfalls that doomed earlier attempts. I worried too much about the tooling, the design, even the words. Especially the words. I dropped out of college in part because of the stress of pinning down my thoughts in words. And to have more time to watch Hogan’s Heros reruns.

This time I’m starting simple. I’m pulling a template off the shelf. I’m limiting myself to plain text in a dumb text editor. And I’m not going to overthink things.

After all, it’s just you and me here.