A community plugin directory

I’ve been toying with the idea of a publicly maintained listing of all plugins for the major non linear editors. There are a few sites online that sell plugins, but they only list those they stand to profit from. The NLE vendors do some advertising of third party plugins, but their lists tend to be heavily curated and only mention plugins supporting their ecosystem.

Ideally, others will take an interest and together we can make a definitive clearing house for plugins/ generators/ extensions/ panels, making it easy to see what plugins are available for each category and NLE.

My plan is to start simple - I’ve created a google doc spreadsheet. I’m going to contact plugin creators to enter their own plugins first. Hopefully they’ll make a dent in the workload. In the meantime, I can start filling in the gaps to make the list more extensive.

Here’s my initial thoughts of what to track:

  • Name
  • Vendor
  • Description
  • Images
  • Videos tutorials / demos
  • Supported NLEs
  • An email for someone who can maintain the entry as we change the site and possibly add tracked info
  • System requirements / supported hardware
  • Website link

Once the list is feeling useful, I’ll throw it up on a website.

If this project appeals to you, please reach out. If you can think of anything else we should be tracking, let me know. Also, please pass this along to folks you know in the industry who might be able to help.